Winter-Break Assignment:

Read 10 articles from the source of your choice. Paraphrase each article using 60 words exactly. Extra-credit if you provide a copy of the source and/or if each paraphrase is typed.


In Cold Blood - Part One


How and Why to Annotate


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AP Syllabus (Complete)

“Quotation Sandwich Template"__

The general argument made by [author’s name] in his/her work [title and other relevant publication information such as source or year] is that [insert a brief summary of the claim.] More specifically, he/she argues that [insert the writer’s thesis or primary purpose here.] He/she writes [Here you may use paraphrase, summary, or direct quotation to provide evidence for the claims. If a direct quotation is used, it should not exceed 6 words in length.] In this passage, [author’s name] is suggesting that [explain the evidence you just cited]. In conclusion, [author’s name]’s belief is that [explain the larger idea or philosophy behind the thesis].

Over the next few weeks, we will practice using the "quotation sandwich" template with several articles. Please print and read the article by Steve Rushin and then view the sample on how to use the template.